Angela A. Puglisi was born in Italy.  Her artistic career includes 24 years as Professorial Lecturer in
 Art at Georgetown University SCS, Washington, D.C. 
She also taught Art courses at Catholic University (CE program),  and has  lectured at the Smithsonian Institution’s 
Associate Program in Washington, D.C. 

Educational Background:  Studied at  the Corcoran College of Art, Washington D.C.and at American University.
 Degrees: B.A. cum laude in Art, Dunbarton College. 
Graduate degrees:MFA in painting & fine arts; MA  and Ph.D -Catholic University of America, Washington, D.C.

In her artistic training she has been exposed to abstraction, expressionism and neo-realism, 
which she has translated into her own style of structural simplification of form with spontaneity in technique.

Her paintings are located in private collections in the USA, Europe and Brazil. 
Awards include a National Endowment of Humanities (Summer) Grant: Art Scholar at Georgetown University, SCS, Washington, D.C. 
She has currently been  selected:  Art Lecturer in Tuscany,  Lombardy, Italy and the Dordogne Region , France.